-Lisa does not know Duncan & Richie immortal
-Jacob is not dead.Lisa did not fully withness the quickening she was fooled by Jacob lies.Jacob was work for Marques all along.

-Lisa feels she has left Dnucan & Richie down.She gone to the bar to find affections from anyone. But instead she finds Jacob anyone.(Lisa finding notr rev.ealed everything about Jacob stays quiet

×Marques kidnaps Lisa
×Duncan save her
×She meets Kyar & Richie
×attraction to Richie
×Learns karate swordsmensship
×Richie & Lisa get drunk Lisa tell him that she love him he takes
×she meets Peter,a well built karate instruction
×They become intimate very sensual (sexy writing)
×Treat together he be come sick with cancer
×I gets upset Richie doesn't love her the same way
×She gone to the bar to find love.even a night
×She came back after encounter with a man that was nameless to he
×She came back,Richie tell her that he love her
×At the time Lisa know her love for Richie
×Is upset she feels that she has lift Peter down because she love Richie too. She feels that she let Richie down cause she slept with a man from the bar
×She leave gets again.Maybe she can become an allotorpic?

×She meets Jacob at the bar he kidnaps
×She comits suicide when she there
×To her surprise she's still alive
×Jacob exp;ains the whole immortal phase
×She feels bettrayed she knowsthat Jaocb worked for Marquse all along and duancan &Richie knew that she was an immortal
×She joins their group out of temporay hate
×So she can get revenge out
×She goes home where Duncan&Richie are upset
×She confronts Duncan &Richie she tells them
×She knows and that how she is a full immortal
×They accept her arger she hate that they didn't argue
×They tell her thae she has a visior it's Peter
×Lisa _ahhhhh^Probrams ahead
×He is sick,how is she going that
×She loves him but just can't be with him she tells ,she not sure what ahead
×Richie talks to her- she break down Richie
×About Jacob and how she was kidnapped rehoe and that she was incognito with Jacob
×She doesn't want Duncan,a shamed
×Richie gets rid od Jacob &Marquse
×Despite everything the mutual loves still there
×They find out to tell Duncan
×They got together with love and disuegard for everything

Peter is Richie
Peter come crying by some miracle
Richie takes Lisa to see Peter's karate place
Jacobis not died
"I bought you there to show you off but in stead he showed me up
She knew that she wasn't the only one feels love in her heart,Richie felt it too

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