Duncan Macleod
Richie Ryan
Joe Dawson
Michelle Webster
Marques Luke Calloway
Jakob Macleod
Peter Christensen

The story starts with Duncan Macleod going to a faraway place, abandoned building to rescue a stranger, someone he's never seen nor spoken to but heard about her for years. Duncan was on a mission to rescue a lost soul and maybe salvage his. Duncan started to feel empty like he wasn't doing though the was alone and from what he heard this person was a vision. beautiful, like mystic maybe even a muse she could bring good and bring the future you see years earlier he went to a psychic to see what the future would bring. The psychic told him of a young girl, that has mystical power and who would also be an immortal the would meet this through the death of someone very close to him. He never through that his distant cousin would be gone and lasting beloved wife, she was a very young girl, she had so much more to her life, but she seemed to be doomed. She was just married, then her love Jacob left this world for the first time. You see her love is now an immortal now. The worst part was that she saw the murder, and the person who killed her beloved Jacob Macleod saw her. The immortal's name Marques Luke Calloway took her immediately. Duncan Macleod got hold of the news about his distant cousin, he set out to avenge the death. When he got there he saw a prisoner, someone he knew shouldn't have been there. The girl was distraught, looking like she had been tortured all of her life. He couldn't leave without saving her. He grabbed her into his arms and left that God forsaken place without turning back, without even getting his revenge. When the girl came to, she was in Duncan's apartment. She thought that this was more torture for her to endure. She knew she couldn't scream, there was no use no one would help her. Then she noticed that she wasn't tied down. She got up and walked freely around his apartment. She saw all of the swords there and she ask herself, "What kind of place is this?". Then Duncan comes in, she takes a step back, she asks "Who are you?". Duncan replied "I saved you from the man, he was going to kill you. "How do I know that you won't kill me?" asked the girl. Duncan replied "How do I know you won't kill me?". The girl smiled, she knew she was safe. They got to talking, the girl said that her name was Lisa Macleod "That name must sound familiar from what you told me." Duncan replied with a simple "How?". She told him how they were married and how quickly he was taken away from her and how quickly she was taken away from herself. She was only 17 years old, still not able to take care of herself, Duncan knew that is he let her go she wouldn't be safe. He told Lisa "Being that we are now family why don't you let me help you out." Lisa was reluctant to answer yes, but she finally answered yes. So he knew that she would be safe, he asked his friends to help her with some survival skills. He called upon his friend Richie and one of the best swordsman Kyra. Two years went by Lisa was almost a professional, learning everything so quickly, not only the survival skills. She was learning of a new love, one she never dreamed would happened g. It was in one of the most unlikely places to find it. She fell in love with Richie, all of the nights they would trade stories about their harsh life, all of their emotional scars, they would get really close, like best friends. Finally one night when Duncan went to the Dojo to practice and Kyra was no where to be found, it happened. Duncan walked in. They could tell that something was wrong with him. Duncan started to talk "Marques Luke Calloway has struck again". After those words Lisa had to leave the room, all of the memories of her Jacob were coming back to her and how she told him she would love him forever. She felt she betrayed him by falling in love with Richie. She told him that no other man would get to her, not even thinking that Richie would be that man. After she gathered her thoughts she walked back into the room. Now knowing Lisa could tell that there was bad news because Richie had this distraught look on his face. Duncan walked over and sat Lisa down. I have very bad news. "Are you getting rid of me?" asked Lisa. "Oh no I wouldn't dream of it". Then Duncan told her that Marques had killed Kyra. With the news Lisa fainted, the shock was too much for her. When she woke she knew it wasn't a dream her best friend who taught her how to fight, duel, and act like a lady had been murdered by the man she hated most in her life, the man who killed Jakob.It was too much for her to bare,the next day she was going to Kyra's apartment with Duncan.But before they went she leave a note, it read; ;

Dear Richie

Dear Richie Duncan and I went to Kyra's apartment to get all of her thing together.We will be back at five o'cock.But please don't come .I don't want you to see me crying.When I come back from Kyra's place I want to talk to you. Love Lisa

They got back,Richie fell a sleep on Lisa's bed she went to wake him but she didnt.Lisa went to the Dojo to workout for two hour .Richie wake up,he didn't see Lisa there.He ask Duncan "where is Lisa?"Duncan said she went down at the Dojo to working out,why?he told Duncan that he wanted to talk to Lisa about Marques Calloway to do some research on the that man who hurt he went to the Dojo to look for Lisa. when Richie got there,he saw Lisa on the phone. She was in the office behind the dark on the phone with Richie's friend Peter .Peter wanted to talking to Richie they were talking for awhile before Richie got there .Richie ask Lisa who are you talking to ?she said that its your friend Peter he wanted to talk to you and he wanted to know if you are going to the bra with him?Richie told Lisa to tell him that he couldn't go with him to night maybe tomorrow night Lisa told peter what Richie said Lisa and Peter was shock to see Richie and Annika at the bar .Richie wanted to know how could Peter do that to him. Peter knew that Richie has filling in love with Lisa Lisa and Peter was shock to see Richie and Annika at the bar.Richie wanted to know how could Peter do that to him. Peter knew that Richie has fulling in love with Lisa
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