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Richard Ryan, better known as Richie, was born on September 20, 1974. He was raised by foster mother Emily Ryan. She was going to adopt him, but died very young, and five year old Richie spent a year at an orphanage. After that, he moved from foster home to foster home; within a short time he ran away and began living on the streets of "Seacouver". Richie became a thief and collected a long record of juvenile delinquencies. In August 1992, he broke into Duncan MacLeod and Tessa Noel's antique shop, with the intent of robbery. Things turned out surprisingly, and for the next year and a half Richie lived with the couple, helping in the shop and reforming himself under Duncan's guidance. In 1993, he was shot to death during a mugging, along with Tessa Noel. But Richie was Immortal, and thus started his new life in the Immortals' world. He has grown into a young, responsible man, and there are two major turning points in his Immortal life, the first being Duncan sending him away after Richie's first Quickening (Mako). The second is Duncan Macleod himself trying to take Richie's head under the influence of a Dark Quickening. Duncan MacLeod has been his mentor, teacher, father-figure and friend. Richie apparently doesn't have a middle name, and he has used the following aliases: Bill Powel (for passport use only), Richard Redstone. Known Quickenings: Mako (1993), Kristov (1995), Mikey (1995), the fake-Methos killer (1995), Alec Hill (1996), Carter Wellan (1996). Joe Dawson makes a reference to Richie "making a name, taking heads" in End of Innocence, so from the plural we assume there are more, unknown Quickenings in 1996.

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